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Since 1976, teaching has been a great part of Jarina Shoykow's professional career, which she enjoys tremendously, with many of her students achieving excellent results.

Jarina Shoykow is an experienced cello teacher and performer with extensive national and international experience in the areas of playing the cello and teaching Cello and strings, Music Theory, Solo and Orchestral Performance Skills, Chamber Music.

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Jarina says: "In many ways my students are my 'music children'. Whenever they perform, my heart is beating for them because I want them to really enjoy their music. If they perform well and feel good about their performance, that is my reward as a teacher"

Jarina has the ability to bring the best out of anyone from beginners to very advanced. She is a superb motivator and highly proficient in managing the student's stage fright and performance anxiety. 

Music gives wings to imagination and knows no barriers. All ages are welcome.

Jarina is available to teach cello (and strings) in her studio in South Yarra and Hawthorn. Home visits are also available.

A free 30 minute introductory lesson (obligation-free) can be provided. 

In order to ensure that you purchase the right instrument and music, it is suggested that you consult Jarina beforehand. This can be discussed during your introductory lesson.

Please use the form below to enquire about her rates and availability.

"I, (who am also a teacher), recommend her as one of the most natural and gifted teachers I have ever met!"
- Lyndal

"Thank you for teaching me the cello and for being a wonderful teacher who cares about me a lot."
- Hamish

"Thank you for your loving and caring attitude that has helped develop my cello skills, and a greater appreciation of music. Thank you for teaching me!"
- Rebecca

"Thanks for your amazing work for me. Thank you for your patience and intelligence. I have really enjoyed and appreciated having you teach me. Your lessons are well worth the drive!"
- Greg

"Thank you so much for all your help in showing me the beauty found in music and the double bass!"
- Laura

"You have been inspirational teacher to Taylor. You have taught her to love music and love the violin and for this we thank you."
- Trudi and Dean

"Thank you for being a part of Laura's musical life since she was 4 years old [she is now 11]. Your patience, love and guidance has given her a great love of music and playing the cello."
- Kevin and Diane


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