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Jarina Shoykow is an experienced cello teacher and performer with extensive national and international experience in the areas of playing the cello and teaching Cello and strings, Music Theory, Solo and Orchestral Performance Skills, Chamber Music.

Jarina has been the winner of various music competitions including: 1st prize in the Bulgarian National Music Competition 1965 (under 16 years of age), and 3rd prize in the Bulgarian National Music Competition 1971 (over 16 years of age). 

Jarina Shoykow - Cellist and Tutor
"Thank you for being such a caring person and for being such a great teacher!"

- Adam and family

"Thank you for all your kind, patient encouragement to persevere with the cello..."
- Yvonne

She has participated in numerous musical meetings and festivals in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Australia as well as completing  many recordings for television and radio.

She was part of a highly successful string quartet performing throughout Europe and taught at Utile Dulci School of Arts in Sweden while being a solo cellist in the Stockholm KulturfÖrvalting and Vick-Slottet Chamber Orchestra. Jarina moved to Melbourne in 1989 and taught at various schools as well as being a freelance cellist.

In 2001, Jarina decided to take up a position at the well regarded Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music (NSW) to assist in the development of their music program. She taught cello, violin, double bass and chamber music. In addition she was an orchestral cello tutor and worked with Richard Gill and Graham Abbott.

She was also involved in cello workshops in New South Wales and was a conductor of the String Orchestra (2000-2003). Various students have achieved scholarships and have been winners of regional eisteddfods gaining entry into Sydney Conservatorium. Many of Jarina's students have been highly praised by David Pereira and Susan Blake.

Having moved back to Melbourne, she offers her abundant teaching experience to tutor cello and strings students. In addition, she is available to play at a variety of functions. She says: "Australia has so many talented students and I hope to make a difference in what is generally regarded as the Australasian arts capital - Melbourne".


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